Special Spa Package

A Sanctuary of Luxury

The Special Spa Package at Greyling Spa offers an exclusive elixir for both body and soul. This exquisite combination of treatments includes a deep tissue massage to unwind deep-seated tension, a back scrub that reveals refreshed and radiant skin, and a facial that bestows a youthful, luminous glow. Each element of this package is carefully chosen to provide an unmatched experience of nurturing, pampering, and rejuvenation, ensuring you leave feeling revitalized and beautiful.

Special Spa Package

Key Features

  • 90-Minute Deep Tissue Massage with Full Body Hot Stones
  • Rejuvenating 30-Minute Back Scrub
  • Revitalizing 30-Minute Organic Deep Cleansing Facial

Your Retreat Awaits

Step into a sanctuary of exquisite relaxation. Reserve your Special Spa Package now, either as a personal treat or a shared indulgence.


$180 - Per Person
$360 - Per Couple
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Our Happy Clients

“We decided to spoil ourselves with Greyling Spa’s Special Package. The experience was sublime from start to finish. The atmosphere, the treatments, and the staff made it a day to remember. We can’t recommend it enough!”

Ethan & Layla

“As someone who frequently indulges in spa treatments, the Special Spa Package at Greyling Spa stands out. The seamless blend of the massage, scrub, and facial left me feeling like royalty. I’ll definitely be back for more!”

Nina F.

“Greyling Spa never disappoints, but the Special Spa Package was on another level. It’s the ultimate in self-care – a full recharge for body and mind.”

Logan S.

“Celebrating our anniversary at Greyling Spa with the Special Package was the best decision. We left feeling pampered, relaxed, and even more connected as a couple.”

Connor & Zoe

“The Special Spa Package at Greyling Spa was simply divine. From the deep tissue massage to the organic facial, every moment was pure bliss. Truly, a treat for the senses!”

Mariana K.