Aqua Peel Oxygenating Facial

A New Dawn in Skin Rejuvenation

Unveil the future of skin revitalization with our Aqua Peel Oxygenating Facial. Combining the potency of water and cutting-edge microdermabrasion, this treatment promises more than a mere facial; it’s a rejuvenation ritual. Beyond the removal of dead cells, the system actively firms, tones, and sculpts, channeling the power of lymphatic circulation. You are not just promised a transformation – you will live it. Included in the session are anti-aging, bio-lifting, and hydrating skin treatments, ensuring comprehensive care for your visage.

Aqua Peel Oxygenating Facial

Key Features

  • Advanced Microdermabrasion Technology
  • Deep Cleansing & Dead Cell Removal
  • Firming & Toning
  • Lymphatic Sculpting
  • Refreshing Hydration & Bio-Lifting

Embark on Your Skin Transformation

Ready to experience the ultimate in facial rejuvenation? Book your Aqua Peel Oxygenating Facial at Greyling Spa today and step into a world of clear, refreshed, and youthful skin.


All facial treatments come with neck, scalp, shoulders and hands massage.
$120 - 60 Minutes
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Our Happy Clients

“Our dual session was both relaxing and effective. We left Greyling Spa feeling pampered and with radiant skin to show for it.”

Anna & Lucas

“From the gentle massage to the advanced microdermabrasion, every moment was luxury. Greyling Spa’s Aqua Peel is a must-try.”

Roberto F.

“I added the Active Contour Eye Treatment, and the results were outstanding. The puffiness vanished, and my eyes looked bright and alert.”

Lyla P.

“A treatment that combines relaxation and results. My skin was clear, and the firmness was undeniable. Greyling Spa has become my go-to.”

Terrence W.

“The Aqua Peel is unlike anything I’ve tried before. My skin felt incredibly fresh, toned, and looked visibly younger.”

Hannah S.