Organic Deep Cleansing European Facial

Nature’s Touch for Your Skin

Commence your journey with a gentle organic cleansing, enhanced by the therapeutic aroma steam designed to open up the pores. As we ensure thorough extraction of any impurities, relax with our specialized massage, using skin-specific nourishing creams to stimulate circulation and relax facial muscles. Culminating with a tailored mask, witness immediate and enduring results, leaving your skin radiant and refreshed.


Key Features

  • Deep Organic Cleansing
  • Aroma Therapy Steam for Pore Opening
  • Expert Extraction of Impurities
  • Revitalizing Massage for Face, Neck, and Shoulders
  • Skin-specific Nourishing Creams • Result-driven Skin Masks

Illuminate Your Skin’s Natural Beauty

Experience rejuvenation, refinement, and radiance. Secure your Organic Deep Cleansing European Facial appointment today.


All facial treatments come with neck, scalp, shoulders and hands massage.
$70 - 60 Minutes
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Our Happy Clients

“We decided on a skincare day at Greyling Spa and went for the Organic European Facial. The results? Glowing, rejuvenated skin that made our day even more special.”

Olivia & Luke

“I’ve always been particular about my skin treatments, and the Organic European Facial at Greyling Spa exceeded all my expectations. My skin looked radiant and felt soft for days.”

Oscar M.

“From the aroma steam to the expert extraction and the invigorating massage, every step felt luxurious. Greyling Spa truly delivers on its promise of a top-notch European facial.”

Emily S.

“I never realized how much my skin needed this treatment until I tried it. The entire process was soothing, and my skin felt rejuvenated and looked more vibrant.”

Nathan R.

“The Organic European Facial at Greyling Spa was a delight! My skin felt deeply cleansed, and the glow was undeniable. It’s my new skincare secret.”

Jasmine L.