Dry Room Scrub With Warm Towel

The Art of Advanced Skin Care

Uncover your skin’s inherent luminosity with our meticulously crafted Dry Room Scrub with Warm Towel. Harnessing the potency of salt scrubs, this treatment is a masterstroke in exfoliation, meticulously shedding away lifeless skin cells. As these old cells depart, they make way for vibrant new ones, gifting you a sheen of rejuvenation. Beyond mere aesthetics, our scrub harmoniously tackles the appearance of aging and cellulite, imbuing your skin with a smoother, youthful allure. And as the finishing touch, the embrace of a warm towel elevates relaxation, making this not just a treatment, but a therapeutic indulgence.

Dry Room Scrub With Warm Towel

Key Features

  • Gentle Yet Deep Exfoliation
  • Cell Regeneration Boost
  • Diminished Appearance of Cellulite
  • Enhanced with Relaxing Warm Towels
  • Stress-Free, Mess-Free Experience

Unveil Radiant Skin

Ready for a skin transformation? Book your Dry Room Scrub with Warm Towel session at Greyling Spa and discover the secret to radiant, refreshed skin.


$40 - 30 Minutes
$80 - 60 Minutes
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Our Happy Clients

“Our dual session was an experience to remember. We both emerged with radiant, baby-soft skin. Highly recommended for couples seeking a shared indulgence!”

Nadia & Alex

“Combining exfoliation with relaxation, Greyling’s Dry Room Scrub is truly the best of both worlds.”

Carlos E.

“Every visit to Greyling Spa feels like a treat, but the Dry Room Scrub stands out for its remarkable results. It’s a monthly ritual now!”

Sophia W.

“Never knew my skin could feel this revitalized. The warm towel was the cherry on top of an already luxurious treatment!”

Liam R.

“After the Dry Room Scrub, my skin felt reborn! The glow, the smoothness, and the relaxation are absolutely amazing.”

Hannah M.