Silky Skin Awaits

Our body waxing specialty services offer a range of customized, gentle hair removal options. Skilled technicians use high-quality waxes for a smooth, comfortable experience, catering to various skin types and preferences. We focus on hygiene and personalized care to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.


Key Features

  • Gentle and Effective Hair Removal
  • Long-Lasting Smoothness
  • Tailored Waxing Options
  • Hygienic and Comfortable Procedure
  • Skilled and Caring Estheticians

Embrace Silky Smooth Skin

Ready to feel confident and silky smooth? Book your waxing appointment at Greyling Spa today and enjoy the luxurious feeling of flawlessly smooth skin.


$25 - Under Arm
$30 - Half Arm
$50 - Full Arm
$40 - Half Leg
$60 - Full Leg
$50 - Back
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Our Happy Clients

“The professionalism and skill of the staff at Greyling Spa made my waxing experience excellent. My skin feels so soft and rejuvenated.”

Isabella R.

“I love the lasting smoothness from my waxing appointment. Greyling Spa has become my go-to place for hair removal.”

Sophia L.

“Greyling Spa’s attention to detail and care during the waxing process is outstanding. I’ve never had such a gentle and effective session.”

Mia K.

“I was nervous about waxing, but the estheticians at Greyling made it a pleasant experience. The results are fantastic.”

Olivia H.

“The waxing service at Greyling Spa was incredibly comfortable. My skin feels amazingly smooth and looks great!”

Emma P.