Lomi Lomi Massage

The Spirit of Aloha

Greyling Spa is honored to bring the time-honored Lomi Lomi Massage from the ancient Hawaiian Temples to the mainland. Not just a massage, Lomi Lomi is a rite of passage, a renewing ritual that engulfs you with long, continuous, and deep strokes. These strokes, tailored to your comfort, span from head to toe in one seamless motion, exploring both the upper and underside of your body. Allow our therapist’s arms to surround you, sending rhythmic waves of relaxation directly to your senses. Beyond mere relaxation, Lomi Lomi offers myriad benefits including detoxification, improved circulation, and relief from muscle pain and tension.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Key Features

  • Unique Full-Body Technique
  • Flowing, Continuous Movement
  • Deep Pressure Customized to Your Needs
  • Embodies Centuries-old Hawaiian Traditions
  • Address Muscle Tension, Anxiety, Depression, and More

Journey Through Hawaiian Healing

Ready to experience the serene and nurturing touch of Lomi Lomi Massage? Book your session at Greyling Spa today and embark on a journey of Hawaiian healing and relaxation.


$80 - 60 Minutes
$120 - 90 Minutes
$160 - 2 Hours
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Our Happy Clients

“From the rhythmic strokes to the deep pressure, everything about the Lomi Lomi Massage at Greyling Spa speaks of authenticity and mastery.”

Leo M.

“I felt embraced, renewed, and deeply relaxed. The Lomi Lomi technique is something special, and Greyling Spa has perfected it.”

Ella T.

“Every muscle, every tension point was addressed. The Lomi Lomi Massage is a holistic experience that I’d recommend to anyone looking for deep relaxation.”

Oscar W.

“It’s more than just a massage. It’s a journey, a ritual. Greyling Spa truly transported me to the heart of Hawaii with Lomi Lomi.”

Nina R.

“The Lomi Lomi Massage at Greyling Spa is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The continuous strokes left me in a state of unparalleled relaxation.”

Daniel S.