Sports Massage

Your Competitive Edge

Greyling Spa’s Sports Massage is specially designed for athletes and active individuals. Sports Massage is not just another therapy—it’s a strategic blend designed to prepare you for peak performance, while simultaneously providing the therapeutic touch to drain away fatigue, manage swelling, and ensure muscles are relaxed and ready. Whether pre-event, post-event, or during training, it’s the secret weapon every athlete deserves.

Sports Massage

Key Features

  • Performance-Optimized
  • Drains Athletic Fatigue
  • Alleviates Muscle Tension
  • Augments Flexibility
  • Proactive Injury Prevention

Elevate Your Performance

A champion’s performance isn’t just about training. It’s about recovery and preparation. Book your Sports Massage session with Greyling Spa and discover the difference targeted therapy can make.


$50 - 30 Minutes
$70 - 60 Minutes
$100 - 90 Minutes
$140 - 2 Hours
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Our Happy Clients

“With Greyling Spa’s Sports Massage, I’ve found my athletic edge. The focus on flexibility has reduced my injury downtime significantly. It’s a game changer!”

Leo P.

“Every session feels like hitting a reset button. Muscle tension, fatigue – all gone. I perform better, train harder, and recover faster. It’s a must for any serious athlete out there.”

Rhea N.

“I was skeptical at first, but after one session post a strenuous workout, I was sold. The difference in muscle recovery and flexibility is night and day.”

Jessie L.

“As a marathon runner, the Sports Massage at Greyling Spa is essential. It preps me for the race and speeds up my recovery post-run. A game changer!”

Alex M.

“Greyling Spa’s Sports Massage is a revelation. As a professional footballer, it’s become an integral part of my routine. The focus on injury prevention has kept me on the field longer and stronger.”

Dylan R.