Prenatal / Postnatal Massage

Embrace Maternal Wellness

At Greyling Spa, we understand the profound changes and challenges a woman experiences during and after pregnancy. Our Prenatal / Postnatal massage is designed to not only alleviate physical discomfort but to also provide an emotional and mental reprieve. Melding the goals of traditional massage with the unique needs of pregnant and post-pregnancy bodies, this treatment offers a haven for mothers seeking tranquility amidst their life-changing journey.

Prenatal / Postnatal Massage

Key Features

  • Specialized for Expectant & New Mothers
  • Relieves Tense Muscles
  • Enhances Circulation & Mobility
  • Eases Pregnancy-Related Sore Spots
  • Boosts Wellness & Appearance

A Sanctuary Awaits Every Mother

You’ve embarked on life’s most transformative journey. Let us pamper and support you through it. Schedule your Prenatal / Postnatal Massage at Greyling Spa today.


$55 - 30 Minutes
$80 - 60 Minutes
$110 - 90 Minutes
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Our Happy Clients

“Post-pregnancy, my body needed some love and care. Greyling Spa’s Postnatal Massage was the perfect way to treat myself and feel amazing.”

Anna L.

“The gentle and attentive care I received during my Prenatal / Postnatal sessions at Greyling Spa is unparalleled. Every mother deserves this!”

Sophie A.

“After my delivery, the Postnatal Massage was pure bliss. It helped me rejuvenate and recover faster. Greyling Spa truly understands mothers!”

Jasmine T.

“Being a first-time mom, the Prenatal Massage at Greyling Spa was a godsend. It relieved so much of my stress and discomfort. I felt so cared for.”

Lila B.

“The serene environment and the skilled hands of the therapists made my Prenatal Massage an experience I looked forward to during my pregnancy.”

Mia K.